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Ceramic Tiles, Building Techniques and Construction and Surface Covering Concepts

Ceramic Tiles, Building Techniques and Construction and Surface Covering Concepts

Jan 7th, 2024

Aximer Company has earned a reputation for innovation and creativity when it comes to ceramic tiles and construction materials. The building techniques and design of products allow for stylish and durable surface coverings for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
This article will provide an overview of Aximer's partner's construction methods and the creative design of its ceramic tiles.

We will explore the versatility of their tile products, which can be used to add visual interest and uniqueness to floors, walls, countertops, and more. Both their structural techniques and tile materials demonstrate Aximer's commitment to pushing boundaries in the construction and design industry. Whether used residentially or commercially, Aximer's products and practices allow for creative and distinctive spaces built to last.

Table of Contents

- Clarifying the Definition of Ceramic Tiles and Construction

  • Exploring the Construction Process of Ceramic Tiles
  • Ceramic tile Materials and Building Techniques
  • Methods Employed in Ceramics Tile Creation
  • Factors Influencing Ceramic Tile Prices

- Defining the Significance of Ceramic Tiles

  • Ensuring Safety: Non-Slip Characteristics of Ceramic Tiles
  • Importance of Ceramic Tile Thickness
  • Eco-Friendly Options
  • Durability, Applications, and Finishes
  • Customization and Personalization
  • Sustainability in Ceramic Tile Production

- Contemporary and Modern Concepts

  • Creative Ideas for Incorporating Ceramic Tiles
  • Elevating Spaces with Ceramic Tile Wall Art
  • Innovative Wall Decor Ideas
  • Adding Brilliance: Glazed Ceramic tiles
  • Understanding the Glazing Process in Ceramic Tiles
  • Embracing the Luxury: Ceramic Marble Tiles

Clarifying the Definition of Ceramic Tiles, Ceramic Tile Construction

Ceramic tile refers to a large-format tile product made from clay that is extruded into thick rectangular or square tiles ranging from 100x100, 278x120, 160x320, 120x280, and 120x240.

Aximer Company specializes in the custom fabrication of ceramic tiles using advanced production techniques to create tiles with a profile thickness of 9.5mm. The thick rectangular ceramic tiles offer durability and sizes not achievable using traditional tile manufacturing.
The depth and tapered edges allow for tighter seams and less disjointed patterning. Ceramic tiles enable more seamless installations and open up design possibilities using extra-large tile formats laid with less obstructing grout lines compared to small modular tile sizes.

In summary, when using the term “Ceramic Tile”, we are referring to Aximer Company’s unique long and wide tiles that transform spaces through their flowing design aesthetic supplied by great Spanish and Italian Ceramic Producers in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.
The Large-Format Tiles bring modern and dynamic design to residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Exploring the Construction Process of Ceramic Tiles

Great Spanish and Italian Ceramic Producers utilize a highly automated and precision fabrication method to produce their signature ceramic tiles. The tiles originate as extruded clay mixtures that are cut into large-format tiles, finished with specialty glazes and decorative textures, and kiln-fired to achieve sleek, modern porcelains which we, Aximer Company supply next-day delivery to our customers.

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From raw materials to finished products, Aximer Company leverages technology like computer-aided manufacturing (EVO DRY) to churn out consistently uniform tiles sized perfectly for everything from small backsplashes to expansive flooring applications.

Ceramic Tile Materials and Building Techniques

The ceramic clay composition enables ceramic tiles to be formed as thin as 9.5mm inches thick depending on usage and client needs. The thick tiles lend themselves particularly well for seamless floor installations, open commercial areas subject to heavy foot traffic, slick modern wall facades, as well as practical yet stylish countertops and shelving; As we have covered several hotel floors, villas, and high-traffic areas.

During construction and building projects, Aximer Porcelain Ceramic Tiles in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi can be combined with other structural ceramics like bricks or pavers to create cohesive aesthetic designs across multiple surfaces, materials, and requirements.

Methods Employed in Ceramic Tile Creation

In addition to automated, assembly line manufacturing techniques, Ceramic Producers handcraft specialty tiles on a custom-order basis. Using traditional wheel throwing and automated printing methods, ceramic tiles can be shaped into three-dimensional art tiles, uniquely glazed, and etched with personal designs before undergoing precision high-heat kiln firing.

This marriage of technology, efficiency, and human creativity enables Aximer Company to offer clients completely customizable ceramic accents as sophisticated focal points complementing their full range of construction-ready porcelain ceramic tiles.

Factors Influencing Ceramic Tile Prices

Given the oversized formats and extreme durability of Aximer Company’s signature ceramic tiles, they fall on the higher end of price points compared to standard tiles.
Customization, specialty production techniques like customizable printing on Tiles, and incorporation of precious metals or decadent finishes can increase per-tile expenses. However, the large coverage area offsets costs related to less grout, sealant, and labor associated with installing small-format tiles.
For many clients, the splurge pays dividends when porcelain tile floors or statement walls breathe sophisticated, bespoke design into living and work spaces.

Defining the Significance of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile technology marks a transformational moment for residential and commercial design spaces. Aximer Company’s showcase in large-format ceramic tiles in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, eliminates the cold impersonality of traditional uniform tiles.
Their textured tiles exude creativity and warmth paired with pragmatic durability. Oversized tile installation methods minimize disruptive grout lines that break up the visual flow. The sheer size facilitates dynamic patterns, gradients, and styles that lend a unique personality to floors, walls, and surfaces throughout any room.

Just as marble carvings signified wealth and artistry in ancient architectural triumphs, Aximer’s modern ceramic tiles offer that same coveted old-world craftsmanship with a contemporary, cutting-edge appeal.
Much more than a decorative covering, today’s ceramic tiles enable homeowners, designers, and artists to define the significance of a space through the power of imagination. Aximer Company’s products remove financial, sizing, and design barriers that once prevented stunning ceramic visions from becoming reality.

Ensuring Safety: Non-Slip Characteristics of Ceramic Tiles

Proper sealing and surface finishing allow ceramic tile tiles to meet non-slip building codes, ensuring safety across commercial and residential applications. Textured surfaces provide added traction for high-traffic public areas.

Importance of Ceramic Tile Thickness

Aximer’s 9.5mm tile thickness lends durability to weight-bearing floors while resisting cracks that undermine structural integrity or create tripping hazards. Thicker tiles stand up to thermal shock, fading and discoloration even in temperature extreme outdoor installations.

Durability, Applications, and Finishes

Precision manufacturing controls facilitate extremely durable tiles rated for decades of beauty and performance. Available finishes like crackle glazes, metallic sheens, or semi-precious admixtures paired with strength for walls, floors, and shelving make ceramic tiles suitable for limitless applications.

Customization and Personalization

Aximer artisans provide made-to-order services from custom digital print designs to specialty contours. This personalization empowers homeowners, designers, and businesses to implement distinct porcelain environments reflecting individual personalities and preferences.

Sustainability in Ceramic Tile Production

In addition to ecological manufacturing processes, our ceramic producers prioritize sustainable harvesting of natural clay deposits, reclamation planning, and strategic partnerships with environmentally responsible mines and suppliers dedicated to restoring operational sites. So we could supply ceramic tiles in the Middle East without any worries.

Contemporary and Modern Concepts

Aximer stands at the forefront of contemporary ceramic tile design suppliers, pushing boundaries beyond classic tiles to the realm of modern art installations. Their large-format tiles embody minimalism and sleek lines or maximize textural intrigue.
Neutral tones and matte sheens facilitate integration with other materials from wood to stone, metal, and glass. This interplay of textures and elemental forms generates alluring juxtapositions within modern spaces.

All of the Aximer company’s porcelain slab and tile products could be also a blank canvas that awaits your desired pattern and style for your furniture. Along with the ready products, you could order your design to be printed on any size of special printed ceramic tile you need to hold on your property.
The modern language speaks through negative space, beckoning eyes to travel across fine veining or smooth expanses warmed solely by the gentle undulation of light and shadow. It strips away extraneous visual noise, allowing sparse organic shapes, a singular vibrant mosaic, or clustered metal accents to claim focus with confidence.

Aximer company tiles empower designers to shape contemporary habitats at home amongst yesterday’s fossils, tomorrow’s dreams, and today’s transcendent minimalist expressions.

Creative Ideas for Incorporating Ceramic Tiles

Aximer's large-format tiles lend themselves to creative installations from mosaic penny rounds on kitchen backsplashes to bold abstract geometrics across expansive lobby floors. Vertically mounted 3D tiles sculpted to resemble artisanal pottery put unique focus walls in living rooms or bedrooms. Even smaller offcut shards make eclectic features embedded within transparent furnishings, lighting, pathways, and more.

Elevating Spaces with Ceramic Tile Wall Art

Splashes of vibrant matte, metallic, or multi-textured glazes transform ordinary walls into elevated art installations. Precision cutouts shaped from sustainable offcut material fashion space-defining room dividers. Framed tile sections arranged in geometric patterns or organically fluid shapes infuse color behind shelving while introducing textural intrigue.

Innovative Wall Decor Ideas

Aximer company's finishes like Stone Relief, Monocolor Matte, Marble Polished, and the combination of contrasting visual textures pioneer three-dimensional aesthetics for living, fluid wall art. Backlit installations set grounded tiles aglow.
Suspended tile shapes hovering off background surfaces create an eye-catching effect. Mirrored tiles reflect and amplify surrounding architecture and design elements.

Adding Brilliance: Glazed Ceramic tiles

Aximer company’s specialty glazes expand ceramic tile possibilities from basic wall coverings to glittering showstoppers. Dynamic finishes like Monocolor Matte, Stone Relief, or Marble Polished infuse tile installations with depth and brilliance. Polished, Matte, and Relief products allow designers to modulate light reflection according to the desired mood. Paired with intricately textured abstract shapes or bold patterns, glazed tiles become the jewel-toned fabric cascading through imagination’s playground.

Understanding the Glazing Process in Ceramic Tiles

Glazing involves applying liquid glass formulations in various opacities, colors, and chemistries as the final step before kiln firing clay tiles. The glaze melts during firing, fusing to the clay body to create a glassy coating.
Our ceramic tile producers in Spain and Italy expend great technical mastery in matching glaze ingredients, application techniques, and firing methods to the unique ceramic material composition and physical shape of each tile order. This expertise unlocks stunning visual effects ranging from crackled antiquity to pearlescent modernity.

Embracing the Luxury: Ceramic Marble Tiles

Porcelain clay’s superior durability and stain resistance compared to quarried natural stone make it an ideal medium for simulating luxury finishes like marble and other granites. Aximer company’s technical skill at replicating the most coveted, rare stones in ceramic coupled with oversized tile formats facilitates grand architectural visions once constrained by natural stone supply and fragility. Their marble tiles blur the lines between authenticity and imitation, enabling designers to indulge in exotic decadence.

innovations unlock limitless personalized design potential to install gorgeous living spaces transcending ordinary expectations. Our supplemented tiles invite all to fearlessly embrace both beauty and practicality in equal, uncompromising measure.
Contact our artisans today and transform your home or business with masterfully crafted ceramic statement walls, floors, and showpieces designed to intrigue visitors for decades.

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1. How durable are Aximer Company’s ceramic tiles?

Aximer Company’s tiles are extremely durable and rated to withstand decades of foot traffic, moisture, heat fluctuations, staining, and more. It’s not just about our products, we are supplying porcelain material from great Italian and Spanish Ceramic producers in the world, and their products do not fade or discolor over time like natural stone or inferior tiles.

2. Can the ceramic tiles be customized?

Yes, Aximer company’s artisans offer numerous customization options from specialty glazes, prints, and textures to 3D contours, cutouts, mosaic penny rounds, and more to realize your unique creative vision.

3. What sizes and thicknesses are the ceramic tiles available in?

Aximer company’s ceramic tiles range from 9.5mm thick and they start from 100 x 100 to 278 x 120, 160 x 320, 120 x 280, 120 x 240 in length. Their large oversized formats lend to creating seamless expanses of design in both residential and commercial spaces.

4. Can ceramic tiles be used outdoors?

Definitely! Ceramic tiles stand up to temperature swings, moisture, and UV rays – making them perfect for pool decks, patios, foyers, and other transitional indoor/outdoor living spaces.

5. Why are Aximer’s ceramic tiles superior to natural stone alternatives?

The ultra-durable, fade and stain-resistant porcelain tile material is less prone to cracking, pitting, or variations compared to natural marble and granite. Our porcelain ceramic tile skill mimics luxury stones at more accessible price points and lower maintenance.

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