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Outdoor Porcelain Slabs Advantages and Uses

Outdoor Porcelain Slabs Advantages and Uses

Aug 28th, 2023

Outdoor Porcelain Slabs: Redefining Spaces with Exceptional Advantages and Uses

Designing outdoor areas demands materials that combine style, durability, and versatility, making porcelain slabs a standout choice. In Dubai's modern yet desert-inspired setting, outdoor porcelain tiles excel, enhancing beauty while thriving in the challenging climate. Among outdoor design options, Aximer Ceramic's outdoor porcelain slabs emerge as a game-changer, inspiring creativity for homeowners and designers. From patios to pool decks, and walkways to outdoor kitchens, Aximer's slabs offer diverse and stunning applications. Let’s Explore the advantages of using these tiles to elevate the appeal and value of your property while aligning with eco-conscious choices.


Exceptional Advantages of Outdoor Porcelain Slabs

Durability and Longevity

Outdoor porcelain tiles are famed for their exceptional durability, crafted by firing clay at high temperatures. This results in dense, hard material that resists wear, fading, and scratching, even in high-traffic areas. The tiles endure sunlight, rain, snow, and temperature changes, ideal for various climates. Frequent desert winds in Dubai can lead to sand accumulation on outdoor surfaces. Porcelain tiles, with their durable and non-porous nature, fend off sand and are easy to clean, preserving their pristine appearance.

Slip Resistance

Safety is vital in outdoor spaces, particularly around pools or in rainy spots. Textured surfaces of many porcelain tiles provide slip resistance, reducing accidents on wet or slippery surfaces. Non-slip outdoor tiles are crucial for safety around pools, spas, and water features, especially for children and the elderly.

Fade-Resistant Colors

Despite Dubai's strong sunlight, outdoor porcelain tiles retain their vibrant colors, resisting UV radiation and maintaining their stunning appearance over time.

Low Maintenance

Compared to other outdoor flooring, outdoor porcelain tiles require minimal upkeep. No sealing, polishing, or special treatments are needed. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping keep them clean, an advantage for busy households and commercial areas.

Stain Resistance

Non-porous porcelain tiles repel stains from food, beverages, or chemicals. Spills don't penetrate the surface, making cleanup easy and preventing permanent discoloration.

Thermal Properties

Even under direct sunlight, porcelain tiles stay cool, making them comfortable to walk on, even in Dubai's heat. Light-colored porcelain slabs, like white porcelain outdoor tiles, absorb less heat, providing comfort during hot months. Their heat retention also benefits colder climates as they can absorb and radiate warmth.


Enhancing Outdoor Spaces: Transforming Uses of Aximer's Porcelain Slabs

Exterior porcelain tiles offer a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, enabling diverse design styles. Some mimic natural stone, wood, or concrete without their maintenance demands. From rustic retreats to modern oases, Aximer Ceramic's Collection suits various visions. Inspirations for using Aximer's products include:

Elevating Outdoor Living Spaces

Transform rooftops into captivating oases for entertainment or relaxation against Dubai's city lights. Seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor areas with Aximer's slabs, expanding living spaces. The NATURAL CONCRETE collection, featuring a light to dark grey theme, suits contemporary design.


Transforming Patios

Revive patios with Aximer's outdoor porcelain slabs, offering various designs from traditional wood to contemporary patterns. Resistant to stains and moisture, outdoor porcelain tiles for the patio remain stunning year-round with minimal maintenance. Imagine stepping from your kitchen onto a beautifully tiled patio for outdoor dining or relaxation. The surface of Aximer's MAXIWOODs collection is enriched by relief punching, offering a natural texture that imbues a novel emotional quality, enhancing the character and personality of wooden materials in any Patio.


Revolutionizing Pool Decks

Aximer's slabs are perfect for pool decks, enduring water exposure, foot traffic, and weather. Non-porous surfaces repel water and prevent mold growth, ensuring safety. The NATIVEs collection's relief nonslip texture offers a modern take on natural stone.


Designing Striking Walkways

Design eye-catching pathways to guide visitors, infused with personal style using exterior porcelain pavers. Turn functional paths into captivating journeys with Aximer's slabs, mimicking the stone effect or creating intricate designs for elegant walkways. In Aximers' PANTEON collection, the grey porcelain outdoor tiles surface elegantly incorporates delicate white veining within a finely textured base. Dispersed splashes and subtle taupe veins create gentle movements, amplifying the charm and elevating the sophistication of the Pantheon design.


Creating Functional Outdoor Kitchens

Equipped with Aximer's porcelain slabs, outdoor kitchens endure grills, ovens, and appliances, remaining functional and appealing. Porcelain tiles set the scene for outdoor dining in Dubai's warm evenings, elevating the experience. Craft furniture using these slabs for added style. Consider Aximer’s BLUE ROMA with its splendid blueish-grey background adorned with criss-crossed and graceful copper veins, offering an enriched surface.



In conclusion, outdoor porcelain tiles blend longevity, beauty, and practicality, fitting perfectly with Dubai's lifestyle. Aximer Ceramic's outdoor porcelain slabs showcase innovation and quality, redefining outdoor aesthetics. With unmatched sustainability and stunning designs, these slabs offer an exceptional opportunity to elevate outdoor spaces. Whether a tranquil garden retreat, lavish poolside, or functional kitchen, Aximer's collection of outdoor porcelain slabs turns dreams into reality. Experience the future of outdoor design with Aximer, where elegance meets endurance in every slab.

At Aximer, we are dedicated to offering the finest Italian and Spanish decorative slabs. Expertly crafted, these pieces are not only safe for various applications but are also designed to infuse luxury and elegance into any space. Elevate your environment with the timeless beauty of our curated collection. Join us at the Aximer showroom – we eagerly await your visit.


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FAQ's about outdoor porcelain tiles

Are outdoor porcelain tiles slippery?

Outdoor porcelain slabs are generally less slippery compared to other materials like natural stone or concrete, especially when they are specifically designed with slip-resistant properties. To ensure safety, it's recommended to choose outdoor porcelain slabs with a slip-resistant surface and to maintain them regularly by keeping them clean and free from debris that could contribute to slipperiness.

Can you jet-wash outdoor porcelain tiles?

Yes, you can typically use a jet washer to clean outdoor porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are relatively durable, but avoid excessive pressure to prevent surface damage or water intrusion between tiles.

Do outdoor porcelain tiles stain?

Outdoor porcelain tiles are generally more stain-resistant than many other outdoor paving materials like natural stone. However, it's important to note that while porcelain tiles are resistant to staining, they are not entirely immune to it. Consider regularly sweeping and cleaning the tiles to remove dirt, debris, and potential stain-causing materials.

How to clean outdoor porcelain tiles?

To clean outdoor porcelain tiles, start by sweeping away debris. Mix a mild detergent with water, apply it to the tiles, and gently scrub with a soft brush or mop. Rinse thoroughly with water, then air dry or use a cloth. Address stains with a safe stain remover if needed, and regularly sweep or hose down to prevent dirt buildup. Follow manufacturer guidelines and avoid abrasive tools or harsh chemicals for lasting tile beauty.

How to cut outdoor porcelain tiles?

To cut outdoor porcelain slabs, use a wet saw with a diamond-tipped blade suitable for porcelain. Mark the cutting line, align it with the blade, and feed the slab slowly while maintaining steady pressure. Ensure proper water cooling, wear safety gear, and follow manufacturer guidelines for best results. You can also use machinery tools like water jets.

How to grout outdoor porcelain tiles?

Grouting outdoor porcelain slabs involves filling the gaps between the slabs with a durable grout mixture to ensure stability and a finished look. After properly installing the slabs, a suitable grout is chosen, often epoxy-based or modified cementitious grout, known for its resistance to weather conditions. The grout is applied using a rubber float, pressed firmly into the gaps, and then leveled to create an even surface. Excess grout is wiped off the slabs while the mixture is still slightly soft, and after curing as per the manufacturer's instructions, a final cleaning ensures a clean appearance. This meticulous process enhances both the visual appeal and longevity of outdoor porcelain slab installations.

How thick should outdoor porcelain tiles be?

Outdoor porcelain slabs typically range in thickness from 9mm to 30mm. The appropriate thickness depends on factors like usage and climate. For walls, 9mm to 11 mm is often sufficient, while driveways or harsh climates might require 20mm to 30mm for added longevity. Seek advice based on your specific needs.

Do outdoor porcelain tiles get hot?

Yes, outdoor porcelain tiles can become hot when exposed to sunlight for extended periods, but they generally cool down quickly when shaded. Tile color, finish, and sunlight intensity influence their heat absorption. Test the tile temperature before walking on them barefoot in hot weather.

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