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Enhancing Interior Spaces with Porcelain Fit-Out and Designs Solutions

Enhancing Interior Spaces with Porcelain Fit-Out and Designs Solutions

Sep 15th, 2023

The focus of fit-out, interior design for residential and commercial areas is to create practical and visually appealing spaces. In the United Arab Emirates, the architectural aspect of the design aims to incorporate aesthetic and durable materials, while also considering the specific preferences and requirements of clients. Indoor porcelain tiles provide a perfect solution to enhance the elegance of your home's interior, commonly used for flooring, walls, and other applications. They not only have an attractive appearance with various design options in colors, patterns, and textures, but they also offer several benefits in terms of water resistance, easy maintenance, hypoallergenic properties, long-lasting appearance, and cost-effectiveness. If you want to learn more about their features, it is recommended to read the article titled "Porcelain Tiles: Properties, Advantages, and Applications" in our Blog Section. This article discusses how these tiles can increase the classy and purpose of the inside settings, considering the branding and identity of the space by Aximer Company's Experts.

Transforming Entrance Lobbies into stylish Gateways with Decorative Porcelain Slabs

To create a captivating and memorable atmosphere in lobby design, it is important to integrate vibrant indoor porcelain floor slabs, particularly those with marble-like designs to create a decorative ambiance. This incorporation of luxurious slabs is essential as it helps to capture attention and leave a lasting impression on visitors. For the brand image of hotels to align with the indoor design mixing freshness, prestige, and neutrality, the use of green, beige, and bone colors can be appealing to guests, especially after a long journey or a hectic day, and finally elevating the customer's perception of the hotel's quality and status. Fortunately, all-in products can be found in Aximer Miracle Green and Invisible Gold Porcelain Slabs which provide a perfect solution in the prestigious hotel and hospitality spaces of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Aximer Ceramic Porcelain Tiles Called MIRACLE GREEN

Robust and Stylish Flooring Key for High-Traffic Corridors

Corridors are high-traffic areas that demand sturdy flooring solutions capable of tolerating constant movement. Porcelain tiles excel in this aspect, providing a resilient surface that can endure the wear and tear caused by foot traffic and rolling loads. The need for a matte surface and slip-resistant porcelain tiles is crucial for both sophisticated look and safety aspects. If you're aiming for a modern ambiance that fulfills these criteria, it's advisable to consider the Aximer matte product line, such as the Natural Concrete Grey Slab. These large tiles not only showcase contemporary style but also offer outstanding traction to prevent any potential accidents.

Retail Revelations: Elevating Store Allure with Multifunctional Porcelain Tiles

From stylish boutiques to large shopping centers in retail surroundings, the main concerns revolve around creating a welcoming space, optimizing circulation, ensuring visual merchandising opportunities, and customer comfort. Indoor porcelain tiles can contribute to these concerns by offering minimal inspired, marble effects and decorative ones. Additionally, their low-maintenance nature also contributes to creating a comfortable shopping experience for customers. For those enthusiastic about the warmth and beauty of concrete and wood, it should be interesting to look around the Aximer Natural Concrete Grey and The Style Decorative Accent Wall Porcelain Slabs.


Aximer Ceramic Porcelain Slab Product THE STYLE

Feasting Spaces: Practical and Hygienic Porcelain Tiles for Kitchens, Cafeterias and Restaurants

In bustling food and hospitality settings, where spills and stains are inevitable, porcelain slabs with their minimalistic-inspired look are a practical and hygienic choice. Their non-porous surface prevents liquid absorption, allowing for easy maintenance and preventing the growth of bacteria. With anti-slip variants available in Aximer Ceramic's Matte product line, they provide a safe flooring solution for parts prone to moisture and greasy spills. For countertops, its heat resistance gives an advantage to tolerate the hot pots and scratches of daily cuts.

Beyond Basic Needs: Creating Inviting and Resilient Restrooms with Porcelain Tiles

The restrooms endure constant use and exposure to moisture and cleaning chemicals. Porcelain tiles address these challenges effectively, as they are highly resistant to water, stains, and chemicals. Their sturdiness combined with a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and colors, makes them an optimal choice for creating hygienic and artistically pleasing restroom environments.


Porcelain tiles have recently become a versatile and reliable choice across a wide range of interior spaces. From entrance lobbies to retail stores, cafeterias, corridors, and public restrooms, they offer durability, glamor, and easy maintenance. As technology advances, porcelain tiles continue to evolve, providing even more design options to suit various architectural trends and preferences. By embracing the beauty and resilience of porcelain tiles, interior designers and architects can elevate the functionality and aesthetic charm of any space.
Aximer Ceramic Dubai, a reputable provider and supplier based in UAE, specializes in providing a wide selection of high-quality porcelain slabs and tiles that inspire indoor design. The collections encompass diverse styles, ranging from modern minimalism to opulent luxury, accommodating various design preferences. Along with dedication to quality, Aximer sources its porcelain slabs from renowned manufacturers worldwide. With its commitment to staying ahead of design trends and continuously introducing new products, It has a knowledgeable team that surpasses expectations in assisting clients with selecting the ideal porcelain slabs, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.


Are indoor porcelain tiles slippery?

Certain, indoor porcelain tiles in UAE have the potential to be slippery, particularly when they are wet. However, this is influenced by the tile's particular type and surface texture. Tiles that possess a polished or glossy appearance generally have a higher likelihood of being slippery compared to those with a matte or rustic appearance. To reduce the chances of slipping, it is recommended to select porcelain tiles with a higher slip resistance rating for areas that are regularly exposed to water, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Can I use indoor porcelain tiles outside?

Outdoor porcelain tiles are usually stronger and better equipped to endure outdoor conditions, including moisture, temperature fluctuations, and other environmental factors. To ensure durability and optimal performance, it's crucial to select porcelain tiles explicitly designed for outdoor use. Seeking advice from professionals or tile manufacturers can offer valuable insights and recommendations on suitable choices for outdoor applications.

How to clean indoor porcelain tiles?

To clean indoor porcelain tiles, begin by sweeping or vacuuming the floor to remove loose debris. Then, mix a mild solution of warm water and pH-neutral tile cleaner. Use a mop or soft microfiber cloth to scrub the tiles gently in a circular motion. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft towel.

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