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Aximer’s Ceramic Porcelain Tiles & Slabs Fit-Out in Interior Design for the UAE

Aximer’s Ceramic Porcelain Tiles & Slabs Fit-Out in Interior Design for the UAE

Nov 18th, 2023

In the world of interior design, porcelain ceramic materials, play a key role in both residential and commercial spaces. Aximer Company will uncover the significance of Porcelain Tiles & Slabs Fit-Out, particularly in the context of design, installation, and maintenance, and how they contribute to the ultimate success of interior design projects.

We, Aximer Company, as a leading porcelain tiles & slabs supplier in UAE across the cities of the United Arab Emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc, will be your gateway to excellence in the world of fit-out construction. to discover the best flooring, wall cladding, and paving materials, for your interior spaces, explore the journey of transforming and renovating spaces with our Porcelain Ceramic Slabs and Decorative Wall Accent Slab Products, in this article.

Benefits of choosing Porcelain Slabs in Fit-Outs

Doing the fit-outs in both residential and commercial spaces, porcelain tiles and slabs have carved a niche as versatile solutions that effortlessly meet various design requirements. These Porcelain Tiles or Decorative Porcelain Slabs, with their modern and stylish designs and the custom-design ordering option that Aximer Company has brought to you, could change contemporary interiors, making them suitable for urban fit-out construction projects.
Whether you're the owner of a real estate office or the visionary behind a chic coffee shop, porcelain tiles can be precisely tailored to bring your interior design dreams to life.

The Smart Floor Paving Material Choice for Fit-Out Projects

One of the standout advantages of these porcelain slabs is their unique combination of affordability and durability. This makes them an ideal choice for fit-out projects where managing budgets and maintaining quality is crucial. This sweet spot between cost-effectiveness and premium quality becomes particularly significant when collaborating with fit-out contractors, whether you're refurbishing a restaurant, office space, or retail establishment.


[caption id="attachment_3193" align="alignnone" width="1200"]Aximer Porcelain Slab Fit-Out Design for Interior in UAE Aximer Porcelain Slab Fit-Out Design for Interior in UAE[/caption]

Fit-Out Challenges: How Aximer Company Redefines Commercial Spaces

Fit-out projects in commercial spaces often pose unique challenges which may encompass shops, restaurants, offices, and other commercial places; When it comes to flooring and cladding the surfaces, you must make sure that your surface is strong and Water resistant, easy to Maintain, Safe, and non-slippery, in general it should match the project’s needs. By using Porcelain Tiles for floor paving and claddings, Design contractors could create a visually appealing atmosphere with effects like marble stone, glazed look, cream or black color, etc. On the other hand, they could be practically useful when it comes to durability and longevity needs.

Harmonizing Design and Durability in Fit-Outs

Keeping your flooring fresh, requires achieving a careful selection of materials, such as porcelain slabs, which offer both elegance and resilience, ensuring a fit-out that is both beautiful and durable. You can visit our Product Page for more information about our Porcelain slab Products and their Specialties.

Aximer's Porcelain Ceramic Fit-Out Solutions and Related Porcelain Tiles and Slab Products

every square inch of your space counts; particularly in small apartments, home offices, and commercial spaces like retail outlets and gyms. So, there would be no doubt in choosing a long-lasting floor paving material like porcelain ceramic. Now you can customize your porcelain tiles and wall cladding slab and pannels by Aximer Company’s porcelain tile custom-designing option.
These products like Ocean Blue Bookmatch, Miracle, and The Style come in various customizable sizes and Customer-Designed Products with patterns that you could order today and have tomorrow via our fast-delivery services across the United Arab Emirates.


[caption id="attachment_3190" align="alignnone" width="713"]Aximer Porcelain Slab Design with Porlaris and Livia Products for Flooring and Wall Aximer Porcelain Slab Design with Porlaris and Livia Products for Flooring and Wall[/caption]

Maximizing Spaces, saving Time and Budget with our Customer Designed Products

Aximer Custom-designed Porcelain Tiles and their Multiple Sizes are available in 100*100, 80*160, and 60*120, including slab options in, 160*320, 120*280, and 120*240, which are perfect for showcasing your flooring and wall cladding with grandeur to order it in your desired patterns. Whether it's a small apartment, a cozy home office, or a bustling cafe, our porcelain tiles are tailored to make your space feel larger.

Another key challenge in fit-outs is time and cost-efficiency. porcelain slabs shine here due to their large dimensions, significantly reducing installation time. The big size means fewer seams and less grout, saving time and money, and making them an appealing choice for any project.

The Influence of Beautiful custom-made Flooring on customer

Customer perception plays a pivotal role in choosing fit-out construction and how to do it. It doesn’t matter what the business is and which industry it belongs to; every space’s appearance and functionality shine through decoration on flooring and choosing the best wall cladding materials, which impacts how customers perceive the business.
A well-designed fit-out contributes to a sense of familiarity, making customers feel at home. This is especially essential for home office setups and residential spaces, where comfort and functionality are paramount.
Moreover, flooring and surface paving materials in commercial spaces like offices, museums, and shops have a unique opportunity to showcase professionalism. Creating an ambiance that reflects brand identity is crucial which leaves a lasting impression on any clients.

Last but not least, Aximer Company’s customizable porcelain slabs with an extensive range of Italian and Spanish porcelain tiles and slabs are ideal for turning interior design ideas into reality. Whether you're envisioning a rustic, traditional look or a modern, minimalist space, our diverse collection of porcelain slabs can transform your vision into a tangible design counting on our fast delivery services and porcelain slabs delivery across UAE.


1. Why should I choose porcelain slabs for my fit-out project?

Porcelain slabs offer durability, versatility in design, easy maintenance, and a spacious appearance due to their size variety. They are a cost-effective choice, combining beauty and long-term functionality for your fit-out.

2. If I own a pool, what is the best flooring material to choose?

Porcelain tiles are an excellent choice for pool areas. They are slip-resistant, easy to clean, durable, and maintain their appearance despite exposure to pool chemicals and water. Choose a textured or matte finish for added safety.

3. How can I choose the best flooring and wall cladding materials for my project's fit-out?

Choosing the perfect flooring and wall cladding materials involves several considerations. Start by identifying the purpose of the space and the design you want to achieve. Next, assess factors like durability, maintenance requirements, and budget constraints. For premium options, consider Aximer Company's porcelain slabs and large-sized tiles, known for their elegant designs and adaptability to various interior styles. These versatile materials offer durability and a cost-effective balance between quality and aesthetics, making them an excellent choice for your flooring and wall cladding needs. If you need personalized advice or have specific questions about your project, don't hesitate to reach out for expert guidance from Aximer Company.

Feel free to reach out for more guidance or with specific questions about your interior fit-out project.

4. Does Aximer Company offer fast delivery of its products in UAE cities like Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi?

Yes, Aximer Company understands the importance of timely delivery for your interior fit-out projects. We offer fast and efficient delivery services to ensure that you receive your chosen products promptly across all the United Arab Emirates Cities like Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, helping you meet your project timelines with ease. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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