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Visible Mechanical Fixing System (Clip System)

Visible Mechanical Fixing System (Clip System)

May 9th, 2022

Visible Mechanical Fixing System (Clip System)

This fixing system is one of the most reliable systems for porcelain tile ventilated facades. Thanks to its several advantages such as high fixing speed, adjustment capability, and ease of ceramic tile replacement, this method is widely used. In this method, the clip is placed in such a way that the ceramic tile is placed inside and restrained. The clip is connected to the aluminum substructure as shown below. The clips are made of stainless steel and they can be painted with colors appropriate to the ceramic tile color to avoid attracting attention.

Visible Mechanical Fixing System

Visible mechanical fixing system components

Visible system installation steps

The stages of the visible mechanical fixing system are:

  1. Preparing a workshop plan based on the current condition of the building façade
  2. If necessary, the installation of a steel substructure to eliminate dimensional irregularities in the building
  3. After designing the facade elements, according to the obtained design, the brackets are connected to the retaining wall or steel substructure by mechanical fasteners.
  4. At this stage, suitable thermal insulation is applied to the retaining wall.
  5. After that, the vertical profiles are connected on the brackets at a distance of approximately 10 cm from the facade of the building. The maximum distance from the axis to the axis of the vertical profiles from each other is 60 cm.
  6. Then EPDM rubbers are placed in the vertical profile grooves.
  7. The bottom clips are placed in the vertical profile groove and are screwed to it.
  8. Considering the issue of civil defense and in order to prevent the ceramic tiles from falling from the facade, all the ceramic tiles should be reinforced with fiberglass mesh and suitable adhesive.
  9. Ceramic tiles are placed on the bottom clips and then the top clips are placed in the profile groove and on the ceramic tiles.
  10. There should be a distance of 4-8 mm between the ceramic tiles.
  11. The facade is created by repeating this process.

It is recommended that the vertical profiles be cut at the floor levels so that each part has a separate function from the other parts.

Stages of visible mechanical fixing system
Ceramic tile reinforced with fiberglass mesh

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