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Prestigious Spaces in the UAE with Aximer Company's Luxurious Marble Look Porcelain Slabs

Prestigious Spaces in the UAE with Aximer Company's Luxurious Marble Look Porcelain Slabs

May 30th, 2024

For those seeking the timeless elegance of natural marble without maintenance challenges, Aximer Company's exquisite marble-look porcelain slabs from our supplying porcelain slab products are the prestigious solution. Through advanced surface rendering technology, these marble effect ceramic porcelain slab products perfectly recreate the distinctive veining, colors, and textures that make authentic marble so coveted - all on ultra-durable, low-maintenance porcelain surfaces.

What Sets Aximer's Marble Look Slabs Apart in UAE’s Tile Market

Aximer's marble-inspired slabs are available in an impressive array of large sizes up to a remarkable 160x320cm, along with your choice of matte or glossy finishes. This makes them ideal for creating breathtaking statements in expansive residential and commercial spaces like hotel lobbies, bathroom floors, dining areas, and more. The variety of sizes in 160 x 320, 120 x 280, 120 x 278, 120 x 240, 120 x 120, and 100 x 100 allows you to use it on walls vertically tiled along the floor without obtrusive horizontal joints.

Unmatched Versatility and Style fit for UAE

Porcelain's low porosity and strength give Aximer's marble look slabs remarkable versatility, making them resistant to stains, scratches, and thermal shock - outperforming real marble. From the pristine radiance of INVISIBLE GOLD and SAIN LAURENT to the dramatic depth of MYSTIC BLACK and CALACATTA WHITE, our product versatility range transcends traditional marble with a contemporary flair. You can also explore the green shades of AURORA or black waves of ATLANTIS BLACK BOOKMATCH, or get lost in the mesmerizing textures of FANTASTIC GREY patterns.

Marble Look Porcelain Slab Wall Cladding and Flooring with Invisible Gold Supplied by Aximer Ceramic UAE Marble Look Porcelain Slab | SAINT LAURENT for flooring and wall cladding supplied by Aximer for UAE Tile Market

The Ultimate Cookery Luxury

For kitchens worthy of a master chef, these marble-effect porcelain slabs elevate countertops and backsplashes. Unlike porous natural marble, their non-porous surfaces resist etching from cooking acids and cleaners. The seamless, sanitary, and low-maintenance nature of large-format porcelain slab is perfect for your hardworking kitchen. Choose polished surface BIANCO or the cream tones of LIQUID MARBLE BOOK MATCH.

Aximer Ceramic Porcelain Slab Product_LIQUID MARBLE BOOK MATCH for UAE Tile Market

Your Personal Spa Sanctuary

Transform your bathroom into a serene oasis with options like the tranquil OCEAN BLUE pattern evoking the serene depths of the sea. Seamless walk-in showers, vanity countertops, and continuous wall/floor applications are possible thanks to the extensive size range. Also, Porcelain's moisture and slip-resistance make it remarkably suitable for these damp environments.

Aximer Ceramic Supplied Marble Look Porcelain Slab, OCEAN BLUE, for UAE Tile Market

Outdoor Elegance in any part of the UAE

Even extend this marble look luxury to your exterior living spaces. While Aximer recommends slip-resistant matte finishes for outdoor floor use, intricately veined patterns like ELEGANT BLUE and BLUE ROMA can create elegant poolside walls. Yet the ultra-compact porcelain easily withstands the UAE's harsh climate. Bring the timeless beauty of marble into your backyard escape.

Marble look porcelain slab, Elegant Blue, supplied by Aximer for UAE Tile Market

Exceptional Value

While visually capturing marble's striking depth, these porcelain slabs with marble effects offer exceptional value compared to natural stone. The ultra-compact composition allows very large formats with consistent quality and pattern replication. So you can achieve a seamless, inspired, and luxurious aesthetic at a reasonable cost.

Make the Best Marble Porcelain Slab Yours with Aximer Company

Explore Aximer Company's diverse, design-forward collection of porcelain marble look slabs along with their knowledgeable guidance - from concept to installation. Visit our Dubai showroom or our website for more information about our Porcelain Slab and Tile Products. As a leading UAE supplier of porcelain tile and slabs from Italian and Spanish companies like Saime and Supergres, Aximer offers an exceptional range of surfaces, prompt delivery, and customer service for all your interior projects.




Is porcelain slab more expensive than marble?

While high-quality porcelain slabs aren't as costly as the rarest and most exotic marble slabs, they generally have a higher price point than basic marble tiles or slabs. However, the superior durability and low maintenance requirements of porcelain can make it the more cost-effective option long-term.

Which is better - marble or porcelain slabs?

Both have pros and cons. Marble offers a truly authentic and unique look, but is porous, higher maintenance, and can stain or etch. Porcelain slabs provide incredible resilience, easy cleaning, and consistent patterning while faithfully emulating natural marble aesthetics without the drawbacks.

What sizes are available for marble-looking porcelain slabs?

Marble look Porcelain slabs are available in 6-9 mm and 120x120, 120x240, 120x278, 160x160, and 160x320 cm, great for counters, walls, etc.

Can you use marble-like porcelain slabs outdoors?

Yes, porcelain is extremely freeze/thaw, UV, and heat resistant making it ideal for exterior applications like pools, patios, and outdoor kitchens while achieving a luxurious marble aesthetic.

How do you clean and maintain porcelain marble look slabs?

Porcelain's non-porous nature makes it stain and scratch-resistant. Simple dust mopping and occasional cleaning with a pH-neutral cleaner are generally all that's required for maintenance. No polishing or sealing is needed.

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