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Elevate Your UAE Oasis: Stunning, Bathroom Porcelain Tiles Fast-Delivered with Aximer 2024 Collections

Elevate Your UAE Oasis: Stunning, Bathroom Porcelain Tiles Fast-Delivered with Aximer 2024 Collections

Feb 11th, 2024

Dream of a bathroom that reflects your unique UAE flair? Aximer's exquisite porcelain tiles and slabs, crafted for discerning homeowners across the Emirates, make it a reality. We offer a symphony of possibilities, transforming your bathroom space into a luxurious sanctuary, delivered to your doorstep in the fastest time possible.

Unleash Your Design Vision with our 

Colors that Capture the UAE's Spirit

Bathe in the golden shimmer of "CALACATTA GOLD" or let the turquoise vibrancy of "OCEAN BLUE BOOKMATCH" evoke the Arabian Sea. We offer a palette as diverse as the country's landscapes, from desert dunes to shimmering coastlines.

aximer porcelain tiles and slabs fpr UAE tile market | calcatta gold

aximer porcelain tiles and slabs for the uae tile market | ocean blue

Sizes to Suit Every Emirate

From expansive large-format tiles masterpieces to charming porcelain slabs, find the perfect fit for your space, whether you dream of palatial grandeur in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or minimalist zen in Sharjah.

Style Your Sanctuary

Embrace sleek minimalism, timeless classics, or the rustic charm of textured finishes. Aximer's diverse collection has a melody to match your heart's song, no matter if you're in Dubai's cosmopolitan heart or a serene Sharjah oasis.

Crafted to Your Order

Go beyond the ordinary with custom-designed tiles, made to your exact specifications. Create a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects your unique personality and style.

Durability Built for the UAE Climate

Sun-Kissed Beauty

Aximer's tiles stay vibrant even under the harshest UAE sun, their colors radiating like desert jewels in every corner of the country.

Humidity Resistant

Non-porous surfaces combat moisture across the Emirates, ensuring your haven stays fresh and inviting, a cool Oasis in the city's warmth, from Dubai's bustling streets to Sharjah's tranquil canals.

Family-Friendly Strength

From exuberant splashes to everyday wear, Aximer's tiles stand strong, their beauty enduring the symphony of life, whether you're raising a family in Abu Dhabi or enjoying serene moments in Sharjah.

aximer porcelain tiles and slabs for uae tile market | bathroom tiles

Effortless Transformation, Lightning Bolt Delivery

UAE-Wide Could Be Yours Tomorrow

Experience unparalleled convenience with rapid delivery of Porcelain Tiles across the Emirates. Order today, and enjoy your breathtaking bathroom, at the fastest time possible (We'll Try Our Best for Next-Day Delivery), no matter your location, be it Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, or beyond.

Expert Installation

Our skilled team seamlessly brings your vision to life, transforming your bathroom into a functional masterpiece, as smooth as the desert sands.

Concierge-Like Service

Our regional design experts guide you every step of the way, from initial inspiration to post-installation care, ensuring your Aximer journey is effortless and delightful.

Aximer isn't just tiles!

it's an invitation to experience the UAE redefined. Visit our Dubai showroom or explore our online collection today, wherever you are in the Emirates. Let us orchestrate a bathroom tile masterpiece that reflects your unique rhythm, a sanctuary delivered with unmatched speed and care, echoing from the bustling streets of Dubai to the peaceful waterways of Sharjah.

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