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Dive into Modern Elegance: Choosing Porcelain Swimming Pool Tiles

Dive into Modern Elegance: Choosing Porcelain Swimming Pool Tiles

Jan 3rd, 2024

Dive into Modern Elegance: Choosing Swimming Pool Porcelain Tiles

When it comes to creating a stunning and functional swimming pool, the choice of Swimming Pool Tiles plays a crucial role. These Pool Tiles not only contribute to the aesthetics of the swimming pool but also serve functionally. Aximer's commitment to quality assurance instills confidence in architects, designers, and homeowners, ensuring they invest in Porcelain Swimming Pool Tiles that not only look stunning but also stand the test of time as durable building materials. In this article, we delve into the world of swimming pool tiles, exploring what they are, the standards they adhere to, the different areas where they are used, and the various sizes available.

What are Swimming Pool Tiles?

Swimming Pool tiles are specialized ceramic or glass tiles designed specifically for use in swimming pools. They are crafted to withstand exposure to water, chemicals, and varying temperatures. These tiles are not just about visual appeal; they also provide a smooth and durable surface that enhances the overall swimming pool experience. swimming pool tiles are subject to industry standards for safety, durability, and quality. Standards often address factors such as slip resistance, water absorption, and chemical resistance. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) are among the organizations that set guidelines for pool tile manufacturing.

Porcelain Tiles as Swimming Pool Tiles

porcelain swimming pool tiles are specially designed tiles crafted for swimming pool installations. Unlike traditional ceramic tiles, pool porcelain slabs are engineered to withstand the unique challenges posed by water, sunlight, and constant use. They are highly durable, resistant to water, and stand strong against the harsh elements, making it a perfect fit for poolside applications. These tiles not only provide a durable surface but also contribute to the overall visual ambiance of the pool area.

These are some important features of swimming pool tiles:

• Slip-Resistant Safety

Safety is of utmost concern in pool areas, where surfaces can become slippery when wet. The slip-resistant feature is particularly crucial in outdoor pools where exposure to rain or splashing water may create slippery conditions. The textured surface not only serves a practical purpose by enhancing slip resistance but also adds visual interest. Aximer's pool porcelain tiles provide a secure footing for swimmers with their slip-resistant properties. This thoughtful design ensures a safe and enjoyable swimming environment for both indoor and outdoor pools.

• Maintenance Ease

Pool areas demand materials that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to maintain. In a region where dust and sand can be prevalent, opting for swimming pool tiles that are easy to clean and maintain is practical. Smooth surfaces and stain-resistant materials can make pool upkeep more manageable, allowing you to enjoy your pool without constant maintenance concerns. Aximer's porcelain slabs require minimal upkeep. They are resistant to stains, mold, and mildew, ensuring that the pristine look of the pool area endures through the years with minimal effort.

• Resistance to Heat and Chemicals

Jacuzzi pools operate at higher temperatures than traditional swimming pools, making it essential to choose tiles that can withstand heat and chemical exposure. Opt for tiles with high-temperature resistance and chemical durability to ensure they maintain their integrity over time.

• Cool Comfort Underfoot and Seating

Many pools incorporate tiled benches for seating comfort. Choose tiles that are not only visually appealing but also comfortable to sit on. Consider textured or cushioned tiles for added comfort during long soaks in the warm water. In a region where temperatures can soar, the cool touch of porcelain underfoot is a welcome relief. Aximer's pool porcelain slabs are designed to maintain a comfortable temperature even in the blazing heat of Dubai. This not only adds to the comfort of those enjoying the pool but also contributes to energy efficiency by reducing the need for additional cooling measures.

• Versatility for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Engineered for both indoor and outdoor applications, Aximer's high-quality pool porcelain slabs seamlessly bridge the gap between interior and exterior design, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. These versatile building materials grace the interiors of luxury spa retreats and form the foundation of chic outdoor poolside lounges.


Swimming Pool Tile Areas

Pool tiles are strategically placed in various areas to serve different purposes. The most common areas include:

Waterline: The waterline is a prime location for swimming pool tiles, acting as a decorative border that enhances the pool's visual appeal. Incorporate waterline tiles along the pool's edge for subtle elegance. These tiles, often in a contrasting color or texture, create a defined border that enhances the overall visual appeal of the pool.

Interior Pool Surface: Some pools feature fully tiled interiors for a luxurious and cohesive look.

Steps and Benches: Tiling steps and benches not only adds style but also improves safety by providing a slip-resistant surface.

Spa and Fountain Features: Tiles are often used in spas and fountains to create intricate designs and maintain a cohesive aesthetic.


Swimming Pool Tile Sizes

Pool tiles come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different design preferences. Common sizes include:

Standard Size: Ranging from 1x1 inch to 6x6 inches, standard-sized tiles are versatile and can be arranged in various patterns.
Mosaic Tiles: Smaller mosaic tiles, often measuring less than 1x1 inch, are popular for creating intricate designs and patterns.
Large-Format Tiles: The trend of using large-format swimming pool tiles has been on the rise. These tiles offer a modern and seamless look with fewer grout lines, creating a visually expansive surface. The larger-size Porcelain Tiles not only add a touch of sophistication but also reduce maintenance efforts.

Design Versatility

One of Aximer's porcelain slabs' standout features is their versatility. Pools are not merely functional; they are also focal points of design. Aximer understands this and offers a diverse range of porcelain slabs that cater to various design preferences. Whether it's a minimalist, contemporary look or a more classical and intricate design, Aximer has a porcelain solution to match that effortlessly complements the natural beauty of the Emirates. In the realm of contemporary design, the integration of modern aesthetics is paramount. Aximer's pool porcelain slabs boast sleek lines, clean edges, and a minimalist appeal, aligning perfectly with the principles of modern architecture:

1. Wood Effect Magic

Experience the enchantment of our wood-effect porcelain pool tiles, bringing a touch of nature to your oasis. Aximer Maxiwood surface is enhanced by a relief punch that gives a natural touch with a new emotion of wooden material character and personality to every setting. Thanks to the stable nature of porcelain, Maxiwood can tackle every condition and offers new uses of wood for floors and walls in pool spaces.


[caption id="attachment_1426" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Maxiwood-Porcelain Tile-Aximer Product Maxiwood[/caption]


2. Concrete Elegance

Infuse modern chic into your pool area with Aximer's concrete-effect swimming pool tiles. Immerse yourself in urban allure as our top-tier building materials redefine your space, marrying aesthetics with durability for a stylish, enduring pool experience. A concrete-effect collection that combines all the advantages of ceramic tiles with a perfect look to create a strong contemporary allure. Thanks to natural textures and neutral colors, Aximers NATURAL CONCRETE tiles are the perfect solution to a contemporary and minimalist style of design.


Natural-Concrete-Porcelain Tile-Aximer Product


3. Metallic Brilliance and Waterline Wonders

Elevate your pool's aesthetics with Aximer's metal-effect porcelain swimming pool tiles. Paired with waterline wonders in whites and beiges, your pool and jacuzzi area become a symphony of luxury and relaxation. Our swimming pool tiles not only enhance visual appeal but also guarantee longevity, ensuring your waterline remains a captivating focal point. OXIDE is a remarkable slab that stands out with its unique and captivating design. With fabulous decorations and metal reflections, it offers the perfect opportunity to create dramatic and industrial spaces. Its intriguing mix of corten brown hues, light shades transitioning towards light grey, and a captivating matte metallic aesthetic adds a touch of interest to any pool area.


Oxide-Porcelain Tile-Aximer Product


4. Swimming Pool Serenity

Aximer's dedication to providing high-quality building materials extends to our swimming pool tiles. RIVEN SLATE is a mesmerizing creation inspired by volcanic rocks found in the east. It beautifully combines the elements of earth and water, as the magma of volcanoes meets cold waters to form captivating rock formations. This unique design is widely favored in contemporary and modern architecture, particularly for large surfaces. With its sophisticated blend of intense greys and neutral tones, RIVEN SLATE effortlessly infuses any space with a minimal and modern style. The product's relief surface further enhances its appeal, adding depth and texture to its timeless charm and layered structure.


Riven Slate-Porcelain Tile-Aximer Product


5. Blue Elegance

The color blue has long been associated with tranquility and depth, making it a popular choice for poolscapes. Aximer's pool porcelain slabs come in a spectrum of blue hues, you can use ELEGANT BLUE or OCEAN BLUE which has a unique shade of blue that is complemented by special orange highlights, creating an unforgettable and inspiring combination. Its chromatic depth evokes the enchanting waves and swirling shades of the sea. Both of them have polished surfaces which can be used for walls in pool areas. Blue Roma is another Aximers blue quartzite treasure from northeast Brazil. Its spectacular blueish-grey background with criss-crossed and graceful copper veins represents an enriched surface. The complemented contrast of the vein and background depicts an avant-garde style in your spaces. With the amazing essence of the Blue Roma texture, which represents a vibrant blue and copper mixture, you will experience a luxurious elegance.


Elegant Blue-Porcelain Tile-Aximer Product


Your Final Solution for Swimming Pool Tiles by Aximer in the United Arab Emirates

In the vibrant tapestry of the UAE's architectural landscape, Aximer's high-quality swimming pool porcelain slabs emerge as a beacon of innovation and style. The success of Aximer in the UAE is not just measured in sales figures but also the satisfaction of its clients. Positive testimonials highlight not only the visual appeal of Aximer's porcelain slabs but also the reliability and professionalism that come with choosing Aximer as a partner in design. Quality is non-negotiable for Aximer. Each porcelain slab undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards. Elevate your swimming spaces with the perfect blend of modern aesthetics, textured surfaces, and safety features. Dive into a world of elegance and functionality with Aximer's pool porcelain slabs – where every splash is a testament to unparalleled design and quality As the sun sets over the horizon, casting a warm glow on the poolside, Aximer's porcelain slabs continue to shine, contributing to the allure of the UAE's architectural landscape.



1. Why are my swimming pool tiles turning white?

swimming pool tiles may turn white due to mineral deposits, hard water, or chemical imbalances. Consult with a pool maintenance professional for a precise diagnosis. Aximer's high-quality porcelain slabs require minimal upkeep. They are resistant to stains, mold, and mildew, ensuring that the pristine look of the pool area endures through the years with minimal effort.

2. Why are swimming pool tiles blue?

Swimming pool tiles are often blue to evoke the association with water and create a visually appealing aquatic environment.

3. Are swimming pool tiles slippery?

swimming pool tiles can be slippery, especially when wet. Choosing tiles with slip-resistant properties is crucial to enhance safety in pool areas.

4. Can any tile be used in a pool?

Not all tiles are suitable for pools. It's advisable to choose tiles designed for pool use, as they are crafted to endure the unique challenges of pool environments, such as water exposure and slip resistance. Aximer's pool porcelain slabs stand out due to their slip-resistant safety, versatility for indoor and outdoor spaces, low maintenance requirements, cool comfort underfoot in hot climates, and impressive design versatility.

5. What design options are available for Aximer's pool porcelain slabs?

Aximer offers a diverse range of design options, including wood effects, concrete elegance, metallic brilliance, waterline wonders, swimming pool serenity, and blue elegance. These designs cater to various preferences, from minimalist and contemporary to classical and intricate styles.

6. Why choose Aximer for pool porcelain slabs in the UAE?

Aximer's high-quality pool porcelain slabs are a beacon of innovation and style in the UAE's architectural landscape. Positive testimonials highlight not only the visual appeal but also the reliability and professionalism that come with choosing Aximer as a partner in design.

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