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Ceramic Tile Leveling System

Ceramic Tile Leveling System

May 9th, 2022

Ceramic Tile Leveling System

Some factors such as variation in the thickness of the ceramic tiles (although this variation is allowed by standards), the allowable curvature of the ceramic tile surfaces, the joint width between the ceramic tiles, or the variation of the thickness of the adhesive mortar bed can cause differences in the level of the adjacent ceramic tile surfaces. This condition where one edge of a tile is higher than an adjacent tile is called lippage. The angle of the light (natural or artificial) and the reflective surface of the ceramic tile can make the lippage more noticeable.

Even though a limited amount of lippage is allowed by standards, this value should be reduced to zero to prevent ceramic tile edges from damage. Wedge and leveling clips are used for this purpose.

The components of this system are:

1. Leveling clip
2. Wedge







To increase the efficiency of this system, it is recommended to use special pliers. The advantages of using pliers are increasing the leveling speed and accuracy and also the pressure force for adjusting the clips.

The special pliers for wedge and leveling clip
The special pliers for wedge and leveling clip

Steps of using wedge and leveling clips

  1. Apply adhesive under the ceramic tile so that there is no cavity. Then remove the excess adhesive from the ceramic tile edges with a trowel and place one side of the edge of the leveling clip under the ceramic.

Then place the next ceramic tile on the other edge of the clip and adjust it with a rubber hammer.

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