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The Advantages of Porcelain Tiles Over Other Tiles

The Advantages of Porcelain Tiles Over Other Tiles

Sep 15th, 2023

The Advantages of Porcelain Slab Tiles Over Ordinary Tiles

When it comes to crafting the sanctuary you call home, amidst the myriad choices that shape your interior landscape, the decision between Porcelain Slab Tiles and standard slabs emerges as the answer to the question of which is superior. Aximer's blog is here to assist you in making the distinction that could elevate your bathroom floor, kitchen floor, or any desired space. The selection between Porcelain Slab Tiles and ordinary slabs stands as a pivotal crossroads. Both materials possess the potential to infuse elegance and luxury into your design, bringing your envisioned concept to life.

Join us (Aximer Company) in envisioning the possibilities as we explore diverse designs while dissecting their merits and drawbacks. We will compare porcelain slabs and standard slabs across various aspects, including Durability, Value and Cost, Resistance and Maintenance, Environmental Impact, and more.

Distinguishing Features of Porcelain Slabs and Standard Slabs

Picture the allure of stepping into your abode, where your marble-veined porcelain floor exudes charisma, welcoming you and your guests with a touch of elegance and beauty. Imagine the rustic appeal of wood-textured porcelain slabs gracing your living room, radiating warmth and character. The design versatility of porcelain slabs allows them to mimic natural materials while providing impeccable functionality.
In contrast, ordinary slabs undoubtedly stand as a timeless choice. They paint a distinct picture compared to Porcelain Slab Tiles, and the discourse thus far reveals this distinction. tiles carry a sense of time-honored charm, filling the environment with a feeling of familiarity and comfort.
As you envision the heart of your modern-designed haven, Porcelain Slab Tiles unquestionably unveils an array of advantages that normal tiles cannot quite match. When considering the realm of Porcelain Slab Tiles versus ordinary slabs, the journey ahead navigates through stain resistance and design flexibility. Let Aximer guide you through the way Porcelain Slab Tiles elegantly shape your living canvas.

Durability: Porcelain Slabs vs. Normal Slabs

When it comes to enduring the test of time, porcelain slabs and standard slabs reside on opposite ends of the spectrum. Porcelain Slab Tiles possess remarkable hardness that sets them apart. Fired at higher temperatures and crafted from finer clay particles, Porcelain Slab Tiles exhibit exceptional resilience against wear and tear. The intense heat during firing eliminates water, resulting in a dense, robust porcelain tile. This attribute renders Porcelain Slab Tiles a superior choice for high-traffic areas. Imagine a bustling kitchen adorned with steadfast Porcelain Slab Tiles, confidently bearing the weight of culinary escapades and busy footsteps, all while remaining virtually unblemished.

Stain Resistance: Porcelain Slab Tiles vs. Standard Tiles

The production process of Porcelain Slab Tiles involves extreme heat, contributing to a low water absorption rate (under 0.5%). This characteristic establishes their exceptional stain resistance quality. Porcelain Slab Tiles create an effective barrier against liquid penetration, ensuring that accidental spills—whether from wine glasses, coffee mugs, or other sources—remain on the tile surface in your living room or kitchen, awaiting a simple wipe-down, and nothing more. This behavior not only makes Porcelain Slab Tiles an excellent choice for bustling kitchens and dining rooms but also positions them as an impeccable option for moisture-prone spaces such as bathrooms, where mold and mildew are unwelcome.

In contrast, ordinary slabs are more susceptible to staining due to their higher water absorption rate. The ceramic structure readily allows liquid infiltration, leading to discolored patches or potential bacteria buildup. As such, ceramic tiles
are more suitable for areas with a lower risk of spills. Porcelain Slab Tiles' effortless stain resistance establishes them as an undeniable choice for those who prioritize both elegance and practicality.

Exploring Design Versatility: Porcelain Slab Tiles vs. Standard Tiles

As you embark on your tile installation journey, the choice between porcelain and ordinary slabs offers distinct artistic potential. Design versatility sets these options apart. Porcelain slab tiles function as the chameleons of the tile world. They effortlessly replicate textures, patterns, and colors of natural materials like marble, granite, or even wood. Furthermore, Porcelain Slab Tiles are available in a wider range of sizes, enabling seamless tile installation with fewer grout lines. This feature notably enhances the inherent beauty of your interior design.

While standard tiles offer an array of design choices, their scope is significantly limited. The ceramic tile manufacturing process involves lower firing temperatures and coarser clay, resulting in a surface that may lack the intricate details and realism achieved by porcelain. While ceramic tiles exude a certain charm and familiarity, they may fall short of capturing the nuanced beauty of more exotic materials.
When it comes to infusing artistic expression into your home's flooring, porcelain slabs shine with their ability to combine beauty and elegance, coupled with larger size options, providing an unparalleled canvas for turning your dreams into reality. On the other hand, normal slabs retain their exclusive charm, respecting their limitations, while porcelain empowers you to breathe life into your creative visions.

Longevity and Resilience of Porcelain Slab Tiles over Ordinary Ceramic Slab Tiles

Porcelain's composition of fine materials and exposure to high firing temperatures results in a product known for its resilience, making it suitable even for high-traffic zones. This characteristic ensures a lasting impact on your daily life.
In contrast, ordinary ceramic slabs may offer charm and affordability, but their softer composition deems them better suited for areas with lighter traffic and less demanding conditions, where their inviting aesthetic can shine without the pressure of constant use.


Strength is where porcelain truly excels. Porcelain's destiny is to withstand heavy loads, making it ideal for busy kitchens, welcoming entryways, and commercial spaces teeming with activity.
Meanwhile, ordinary slabs bring their grace to areas where strength takes a backseat to style. They find their place in spaces with less traffic, preserving their beauty underfoot.

Price in UAE: Porcelain Tiles or Standard Tiles?

Ordinary ceramic tiles often attract attention with their budget-friendly appeal. Initial savings can fuel your creative ideas, enabling you to explore your design vision without straining your finances. However, this cost-effectiveness comes at a trade-off: a shorter lifespan and greater maintenance demands.
Conversely, Porcelain Slabs & Tiles require a slightly higher upfront investment. Nonetheless, their inherent durability promises long-term savings, withstanding the tests of time and usage. This quality positions porcelain as the favored choice for those envisioning enduring sanctuaries in their homes.


Conclusion: The Superior Choice in Tiles

In the quest to transform your living spaces into havens of beauty and resilience, the choice between porcelain and ordinary slabs becomes a pivotal decision. As experts at Aximer Ceramic, we've delved into the distinction between these two options, exploring their advantages and applications in depth.

Our commitment to elevating your interior landscapes led us to highlight the key differentiators of porcelain slabs over standard slabs. Porcelain's exceptional durability, stain resistance, and design versatility set it apart as the superior choice for those seeking enduring elegance.

At Aximer Ceramic, we not only offer expert insights but also serve as a premier supplier of Italian Decorative Slabs and Spanish Porcelain Slab Tiles and Decorative Wall Accent Porcelain Slabs in the UAE. With a diverse range of options, we empower you to turn your design visions into reality.

Explore our Blog Section for more in-depth articles like "Porcelain Slab Tiles: PROPERTIES, ADVANTAGES, AND APPLICATIONS" and about Decorative Porcelain Tiles as we continue to provide valuable knowledge and exquisite tile solutions to enhance your spaces. Choose Aximer Ceramic to elevate your interior landscape to new heights.


What sets porcelain slabs apart from ordinary slabs?

Porcelain Slab Tiles are fired at higher temperatures and crafted from finer initial materials. These attributes imbue them with greater durability than standard ceramic tiles. Additionally, porcelain boasts a lower water absorption rate, enhancing its stain resistance and suitability for moisture-prone areas.

Are porcelain slabs pricier than ordinary slabs?

Indeed, Porcelain Slab Tiles carry a slightly higher price tag compared to ordinary slabs. However, their longevity and durability are notable advantages. Opting for porcelain translates to long-term cost savings, as replacements are less frequent, and maintenance requirements are reduced.

Are Porcelain Slab Tiles more environmentally friendly than ordinary slabs?

The extended lifespan of Porcelain Slab Tiles reduces the need for replacements, contributing to waste reduction. Both tile and Porcelain Slab Tiles are crafted from natural materials and are recyclable. However, the timeline and human resources required for recycling may differ.

Which type of tile is preferable for bathroom floors and walls?

Both porcelain and ordinary slabs.

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